Monday, January 25, 2010

How To Make Tiffany Blue Cupcake Frosting!

I ran across this post while looking for cupcake recipes for my daugther's birthday. actually provided instructions on how to get the color right for tiffany blue frosting!  Imagine that!  Can you just picture fluffy white cupcakes with this beautiful aqua blue frosting on top and maybe some white sugar flowers or silvery sugar beads on top of the frosting!  They recommend the following to make the tiffany blue frosting:  use classic vanilla but put in 6 blue drops and 2 green drops of food coloring to make Tiffany Blue frosting.  I've also heard that you can mix blue drops with teal if you can find it. 

I absolutely love cupcakes -- never met one I didn't like!! mmmm....yum yum yum     :o) is a wonderful website featuring many Many MANY cupcake ideas for different occasions and themes.  Its nice to visit 1 website and get all the info you need on cupcakes!

Much Aqua Blue Love,