Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aqua Blue Cupcake Wraps

For true WOW factor, place your cupcakes in these designer cupcake wrappers! These Designer Emma  Cupcake Wrappers fits standard size cupcakes, has a polka dot design on them, measure 3.25 inches wide x approximately 2 inches tall, are made from exceptional quality paper, and are easy to assemble. Please note that these designer cupcake wrappers are for presentation purposes only - do not bake in these wrappers.
These fashionable cupcake wrappers, also known as cupcake sleeves or cupcake wraps, will hide those wrinkly cupcake liners and give your cupcakes an exquisite, polished look! These cupcake wrappers will help you create a chic and memorable display at your upcoming event. Wrap your cupcakes with a designer wrapper and then place your cupcakes on a cupcake tower and coordinate the colors together - your guests will be so impressed! Available in Light Aqua Blue, Dark Aqua Blue, and Turquoise, among many other colors.